HP P410/512 BBWC

462864-B21 HP P410/512 BBWC SMART ARRAY CONTROLLER Storage Controller & Managed Options


Product Description

Product Description

  • Delivering enhanced availability and serviceability features, with inproved storage density providing up to twelve 1″ hard disk drives in this hot plug storage cabinet and Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 data transfer rates outside the server.
  • Seamless upgrades from past generations and upgrades to next generation HP high performance and high capacity Serial Attached SCSI Smart Array controllers.
  • 3G SAS technology delivers high performance and data bandwidth up to 300 MB/s per physical link and contains full compatibility with 1.5G SATA technology.
  • x8 2.5G PCI Express host interface technology delivers high performance and data bandwidth up to 2 GB/s maximum bandwidth.
  • Modular, easy-to-upgrade design lets you optimize performance by upgrading from 40-bit 256 MB cache to 72-bit 512 MB battery-backed write cache (BBWC).
  • Addition of the battery backed cache upgrade enables BBWC, RAID 6 with ADG, array expansion, logical drive extension, RAID migration, and stripe size migration.
  • Mix-and-match SAS and SATA hard drives, lets you deploy drive technology as needed to fit your computing environment.
  • Software consistency among all Smart Array family products: Array Configuration Utility (ACU), Option ROM Configuration for Arrays (ORCA), Systems Insight Manager, Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU) and SmartStart.
  • Support for up to 2 TB in a single logical driveLow-profile PCI Express form factor – ships with a full size bracket for deployment in either a lowprofile or full sized slot.
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