Product Description

Product Description


  • On-Screen Display (OSD): Displays system-related information on the console monitor, such as selected server name, status, power-up test data and configuration menus.
  • The HP Server Console Switch G2 can manage up to 256 computers running different operating systems. The 8-port and 16-port Server Console Switches feature an On-Screen Display (OSD) interface, which has intuitive menus for accessing each attached computer or serial attached device.
  • The HP Server Console switch G2 can be connected in a tiered fashion to increase access from eight to 256 servers. Switching between computers is accomplished by typing a switching command at the keyboard, or by the mouse to interact with the graphic interface of the selected computer via the OSD.
  • The HP Server Console switch G2 Multiple offers PS/2, USB, VT 100 serial console support, and BladeSystems support via front diagnostics connector interface adapters for server connections.
  • Programmable Scanning: An evaluation of system performance can be made by sequentially scanning any or all of the computers in the system. Programmable scanning allows you to determine which computers to include as well as the duration of the connection.
  • Configuration NVRAM: NVRAM (non-volatile RAM) makes it easy to set configuration information using commands entered from the keyboard. The NVRAM stores the resulting configuration until a user decision is made to change the information, even if the unit loses power.
  • Password Protection: For protection against unauthorized users, the switch box provides a password option for security purposes.
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