Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

For us, sustainability means acting in the best interest of coming generations – with respect to the economy, the environment and the society at large.

Environmental responsibility

Unique Group is fully committed to managing and improving its environmental performance, by assessing all our operations and products we supply to gauge their impact on the environment. We adapt measures to minimise or eliminate negative impacts and strengthen positive effects. We supply products whose manufacturers have an environmental management system that help achieve and ensure they comply with environmental regulations. Unique Group engages with its affiliates, where appropriate, to assist in continually improving our environmental performance and reduce our total impact, for example by maximising recycling and improving energy efficiency.

Social and ethical responsibility

Unique attaches great importance to its role as a corporate citizen. It seeks to meet the highest standards of social, ethical and employment practice .Unique Group follows this code of conduct and challenges its sub dealers and partners to adopt similar principles. To observe best practice in the following areas: general employment practices, the employment of appropriate workers, worker insurance, working environment, respect for the individual worker; and equal opportunities
The corporate target for the group is business growth which has grown tremendously from time to time. However, at Unique Group the directors have made a significant role in society. Our sponsorship ranges from money and donations in kind, promotional gifts for fund raising and sponsorship to cleaning projects carried out by Unique employees. This Unique program has attracted the significant recognition by the government of Kenya where oue Executive Chairman has received a number of recognitions where our Executive Chairman has received numerous presidential awards.
Unique Group is also actively involved in charitable organizations which indeed signify our concern for the less previledged in the society.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Unique Group is committed to Diversity and Equal Opportunities for all, irrespective of colour, race, religious belief, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or age. The Group’s approach for the provision of goods and services is to look to build business relationships with those affil`iates who support and apply similar principles.